There are several reasons WHY I choose to be a worm farming vermiculturist.

I believe worm farming is one piece of a larger puzzle in being better stewards of this planet. Nature intended rotting fruit, grass clippings, manure and other organic materials to be returned to the soil; not buried in a landfill.

Worm composting and other composting methods provide a sustainable way to work with nature. Compost and Vermicompost provide plant nutrients to our food crops in the form nature does, this means healthier plants and healthier food. Worm farming can be a part of a larger plan to reverse climate change. Organic waste buried produces methane, a gas researchers claim contributes far more to global climate change than carbon dioxide.

Composting is a way to keep that methane out of the atmosphere and the waste from being wasted.

Smaller scale, local family farms using compost can provide the healthiest, freshest food where it’s needed with lower transportation costs, also lowering emissions.

The world needs a grassroots movement to make the necessary changes.

If you are like me then maybe vermicomposting should be a part of your future too.

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