Why should I compost with worms?

  1. Our soils are rapidly degrading. The levels of organic matter decrease year after year and we are supplementing it with harmful fertilizers instead of using natural solutions, like worms, to rejuvinate soil. The worm’s castings are the most amazing natural soil amendments.
  2. Organic waste sent to landfill is covered over and rots in the ground. In the ground it does not get enough oxygen and turns anaerobic. The leachate produced leaks into the local ecosystem where it can cause all sorts of damage.
  3. They are an excellent tool for teaching kids about recycling organic waste and the environment. What kid DOESN’T love getting dirty and playing with worms?
  4. Nutrients, including minerals and trace elements, consumed by the worms are reduced to their most usable form. The castings have a neutral pH of 7.0. The worms are actually refining the organic materials it consumes.
  5. Worm castings make soil more absorbent, making moisture more consistently available to plants and preventing soil from completely drying out.
  6. Worm castings are extremely beneficial in that they stimulate plant growth more than any other natural product, enhance the ability of your soil to retain water, and also inhibit root diseases such as root rot. Worm tea (made properly) can also help discourage harmful insects from your plants.
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You want to know why we need soil amendments?
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