Urban Worm Farming – Commercial Consultation

The Gentleman Vermiculturist offers commercial businesses a FREE on-site consulting process and can make detailed recommendations about how your business can turn organic waste to be sent to landfill into nutrient-rich compost that can be used on-site.

  • Commerical businesses have massive opportunities to divert organic waste from landfill.
  • Golf courses, restaurants, cafes can all produce large amounts of organic waste.
  • Proper disposal of organic waste can have significant costs!
landfill organic waste commercial business worm farming vermicompost
As you can see above, disposal of organic waste into landfill makes for huge problems. Pic ref: Tumbleweed.com.au (used without permission).

The solution is so simple; process your organic waste on-site!

landfill organic waste commercial business worm farming vermicompost

Along with consultation about starting and running your worm composting program, I will provide all the training required to upkeep the system and do regular site visits to assess the health of the installation. Training is normally provided on-site and takes an hour to make sure that key staff has the required skills and knowledge to keep the worm farm growing and healthy.

The results of the consultation will provide your business with all the information about the sort of system needed. And can also be tailored to meet any specific requirements whether the goal is to produce more worms or more vermicompost.

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