Can worm farm worms live in the garden?

The short answer is no.

Composting worms in your worm farm are EPIGEIC. This means they live on or near the surface in freshly decaying organic matter. If you look at their behaviour in your worm farm, they live and eat (typically) in the top 4 to 6 inches of the worm farm. They may live in the garden, but it would only be a very short time before they died from lack of food or were picked off my predators.

Garden worms are either ENDOGEIC or ANECIC. Both types live deeper in the soil than composting worms. Interestingly, your earthworms will not thrive in a worm farm as the conditions in the farm do not match their natural environment.

… think about where worms native habitats are before we put them in bins or boxes inside??? Hmm? I’ve got tens of thousands of worms just enjoying life in my garden abs I don’t eve feed or church on them! Good soil and some mulch and breeding like bunnies!

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Evidence definitely exists that you CAN breed composting worms in the garden. In the garden above, the worms would have an environment that replicates their natural environment. Mulch and lots of rotting organic matter. This would be an amazing place for them to live (and breed).

Not all gardens would be as well maintained to create such a friendly environment where there is lots of decaying organic matter for them to live and breed in.

You can find answers to questions just like this and so many more in the Worm Farming Alliance.

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