Resources & Tools

Resources & Tools

Don’t be alarmed! Some of the links below are to affiliate sites. If you click and buy, I get a few dollars. It’s helping me to keep the site running, so please click generously.

After a big disaster with Jim, my first worm farm, I have been watching YouTube videos and checking out lots of books to help make my next worm farm successful. Below, you’ll find various tools and other things that have been helpful to me on my journey.


Worms Eat My Garbage mary appelhof vermiculture book
Worms Eat My Garbage: How to Set Up and Maintain a Worm Composting System
Review coming soon!

the worm farming revolution book
The Worm Farming Revolution by Pauly Piccirillo.
Review coming soon!


  • Brian The WormMan lives up to his name spectacularly. I binge watched all of his videos!


  • The Worm Farming Alliance – The Worm Farming Alliance is a website dedicated to helping people start up and promote a vermicomposting (or similar) business.


Blue host is our awesome webhost. If you’re looking to setup your own site, I highly recommend them:
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