How does Rent-A-Worm Work?
The Gentleman Vermiculturist now offers Rent-A-Worm! Rather than setup and manage your own worm bin, why not rent one? The rental service allows you to try keeping a worm bin to see if it suits you without having to commit to keeping it permanently.

rent a worm bin residential indoor worm compost
What we’re all looking for. Beautiful worm compost and minimal left over food scraps.

Like a try-before-you-buy option, you buy one of our amazing worm farms (worm farm and worms) but have 12 weeks to decide if keeping worms is right for you, your lifestyle, your garden and so forth.

For $75 plus a $100 refundable deposit ($175 total), the Gentleman Vermiculturist will supply you with a fully equipped farm ready to go along with all the advice and your questions answered to make sure your new pets are looked after properly.

This means that if you need to convince a spouse or partner you can say “It only costs us $75 to give it a go, dear. And if it doesn’t work out, they will take the worm farm back.”

The period of rental is for 12 weeks. This time can be changed by arrangement.

So basically, all you need to do is rent the worm farm and give it a test drive!

rent a worm bin residential indoor in place
This model is small enough to sit anywhere. Proper management and maintenance mean minimal liquid run-off and no bad smells!

“But what happens if I just want to buy?” Well, everything offered for rent is also available for sale through the Gentleman Vermiculturist’s store! Renting your worm farm gives you the chance to return it, in the very unlikely event, that worm farming doesn’t work out for you.

Terms and Conditions
The fine print, please read.

  1. A purchase fee of $75 and a deposit of $100 is taken at the time of rental and the deposit is returned when the worm farm finds a good home.
  2. If the worms die due to accident or misadventure replacement family of worms are $25.
  3. Delivery is additional to rental/deposit and depends on where we are delivering to. The delivery charge includes setting up and answering all your questions (to build your confidence in your new venture). Alternatively, we encourage customers to pick up from us in Dingley Village for no charge.
  4. Deliveries outside the Kingston area (no offence meant, but it is further away from home) may cost more. Note: it is not always possible for us to arrange deliveries. Contact us and check though.
  5. If the rental worm farm was delivered, then a pickup fee applies ($10 less than the delivery fee) to cover the cost of coming to get it. Depending on circumstances.
  6. Rental customers are most welcome to pick up their worm farms and avoid a delivery and pickup fees.
  7. The hirer is responsible for maintaining the health and well being of their worm family. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Gentleman Vermiculturist at any time.
    Please remember that these ARE live animals and will suffer if neglected or treated badly.
  8. If you’re going away, we’ll organise a worm sitting service until you return.
  9. Any questions, please have a look at our FAQ or contact us with your questions.

rent a worm bin residential indoor worm compost