Keith is dead. Long live Keith!

Keith is dead. Long live Keith!

We’ve just moved house. So things are still a little disorganised, as you can imagine!

One of the multitude of things that aren’t making the move to the new house is Keith. He’s my cold compost pile. He started off as a hot compost experiment and then when we decided to move was left to go dormant.

While moving the last few things today, I took one final look at Keith. It was more than I could take! Much blood, sweat and tears went into that pile. Not literally, of course, that would be weird. Even for me.

So fork and bucket in hand I transplanted a small part of Keith for the new house. I was also pleasantly surprised to find about ten mature looking earthworms crawling through the compost. Yes, they got thrown in the bucket and moved to the new house.

how to make cold compost pile

Keith looks to have been successfully migrated. His suitably bulky physique has been dramatically reduced. Not to fear, gentle reader. Much gardening needs to take place in the new house and Keith will be restored to his former glory! The rows of bricks are there to keep the compost off the wooden fence.

If you haven’t looked into cold compost as a source of food for your worm farms, it’s another great source of sustenance for your herd. However, there are a lot of additional factors to manage with compost. Dormant seeds from weeds thrown in, hot compost that hasn’t “cooled” off properly. It’s a bit of a mine field.

When I was building Keith I did a lot of looking into books like The Complete Compost Gardening Guide (available on Amazon, if you’re interested). It’s a bit beginner unfriendly, however, once you get you head around the ideas, it’s really very helpful.

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What really helped me build Keith was a video series on Youtube: How to Make Compost With Grass Clippings. CaliKim29’s grass clipping compost pile is a great demonstration of the hot compost principles. It’s easy to understand and you can see what the end result is supposed to be.

CaliKim29's how to make hot compost

I’m interested to hear whether you’re using or building a compost heap and if this has been helpful for you.

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