How to Make a Worm Compost Sifter

How to Make a Worm Compost Sifter


CONSTRUCTING THE FRAME: The frame is constructed to fit over the top of the wheelbarrow.
how to build tools worm compost sifter frame wheelbarrow

The frame is four pieces of the larger wood lengths. Two lengths match the width of the wheelbarrow and two matches the length of the wheelbarrow.

NB: Make sure the body of the wheelbarrow is square.

The one pictured is slightly wider at the top than at the bottom. Make adjustments to the layout of the frame appropriately.

CONSTRUCTING THE CYLINDER: The cylinder is three bicycle rims with the spokes removed and they are then fastened to the batons.
You CAN remove the spokes with a pair of wire cutters, pliers or a screwdriver but do it with an angle grinder; it is so much more fun. Spokes are under tension and the first few will “ping” as the tension is broken. With an angle grinder.
how to build tools worm compost sifter remove spokes angle grinder
Attaching the bicycle rims to the batons
how to build tools worm compost sifter attaching bicycle rims to batons
Two of the three bicycle rims are attached with screws. The third is purposely not attached so that it can be adjusted once the castors are attached.
how to build tools worm compost sifter attach castors
The castors are held in place with four screws. Because the spacing of the castors and the bicycle rims may need adjusting, hold the castors in with only one or two screws before final positioning of the cylinder is finished.
how to build tools worm compost sifter assembled
This bit is a bit fiddly. The third rim should only be attached once the correct adjustments for fitting the castors into the first and third rim.
how to build tools worm compost sifter attach sifting wire
Cut the wire used to sift the compost to length. It should be slightly larger than the circumference of the bicycle rims. Then it can be rolled up and fed down the centre of the cylinder. Unwind the wire inside the cylinder and attach it to the batons using the plastic ties. The fun of this is that these are the one-way plastic ties. There’s no coming back from this.
how to build tools worm compost sifter assembled wire
NOTE: There are two rolls of wire attached to the cylinder. The wire turned out to be about 30mm short, which required cutting and attaching the second roll of wire. Once the correct sized wire is attached, you should have something that looks like this
how to build tools worm compost sifter cylinder assembled wire

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Which produces this BEAUTIFUL black gold. Or worm compost if you’re slightly less excitable.
how to build tools worm compost finished vermicompost black gold

I hope this has been helpful. If you have any questions, please email me or reach out using Facebook or Twitter.

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