Do you need to ask why we need soil amendments?

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Do you want to know why we need soil amendments?

This was a simple mason jar soil test taken from a couple of locations around our garden. The mason jar test is a pretty simple and cool experiment to see what the quality of your soil is.

The Mason Jar Soil Test

  1. Use a clear, clean, empty jar with a tight lid. A pint or quart Mason jar works fabulously.
  2. Fill the jar half full with garden soil. You can use soil from different areas of the garden to get an overall view or make a test for each garden bed.
  3. Fill the jar nearly to the top with water. Leave room for shaking.
  4. Tighten the lid and shake the jar for several minutes so that all the particles are in suspension.
  5. Set your mason jar soil test aside for several hours, so the particles have a chance to settle. They will separate into clay, silt, and sand layers.

The results of the Mason Jar Soil Test show that there is a LOT of sand in the soil and that’s about it. There is some floating stuff that is assorted garden detritus.

Do you want to know why you need soil amendments? THIS is why you need soil amendments!!

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