An army of tomatoes

I tried something that I saw on the internet.

What could possibly go wrong?

How do you grow tomatoes? From seed? Why not straight from the tomato itself?

Go on, check it out on Youtube.

All you need to do is cut a tomato into slices, bury it just under the surface in some potting mix and water regularly. These were store brought tomatoes, nothing special at all. You’re pretty likely to get shoots come through in a few weeks.

Now let’s add one simple ingredient; worm castings. Add about 20% worm castings to the potting mix. More than that has no major improvement to plant health or growth rate. Less than that will still have some benefit. I simply added one cup of worm castings to four cups of potting mix.

Did it work?

There are bout fifty tomato seedlings (above) that I have had to separate after six weeks because their roots were starting to grow together. Seriously, one tomato cut into four slices and planted in potting mix and worm castings.

One warning: Make sure you place the ends seed side up otherwise the seeds can’t grow through the skin of the tomato. I think that this was a good thing for the experiment or I’d be up to my eyeballs in tomato seedlings!

Regrettably, these seedlings have gone to the compost pile as there was just no space left to plant them. As it stands, we only need four plants in the family vegetable patch.

Does anyone want some tomato plants?

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